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jeudi 12 février 2015

Blog- twisting maps changing bias Ukraine (eng)

 All of the maps showing the situation in Donbass only shows aftermath of UAF bringing in artillery and armour in August 2014. 

 Fighting started in late May, so they are misleading maps as they have not shown the picture since the start of hostilities in late spring 2014!!

Of course, this is just one very small example of how information is manipulated during a conflict. But, it cannot be overlooked, as it does shape people's opinions on the situation. 

The media in the West do not do any research, they take information & serve it up as it is. 

Reuters dated 25/01/15
 Is this deliberate, a way of misleading readers & viewers into thinking that the so called “Russian- backed” militia are the aggressors? It gives the impression that they are grabbing Kiev-run land for the 1st time, when this is clearly not the case, as it is clearly the Donbass forces are trying to get back a fraction of the orginal territories of Donetsk & Lugansk. 

The Western media lies about the military operations of the Donbass militia. They are sick & tired of the repeated shelling on the civilian population. Food markets, bus stations have been recently targeted.   It would be logical to push the artillery units out of range of the towns & cities.

Is it the intention to simply serve up a blurred snapshot for those with the attention span of a goldfish. Ironically, the Kiev-produced maps below do refer to the original territory held by the Donbass militia, as shown by the hatched area with diagonal grey/ red stripes.   

In fact, between May and July 2014, the Donbass militia held control shrank significantly under an intense Kiev military operation. 


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