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jeudi 19 mars 2015

Blog - спасатель Donbass Donetsk Lugansk unsung heroes (eng)


The unsong heroes of Donbass

These are the men & women that you very rarely see in the news; nor do they ask to be in the media limelight. They don't carry rifles nor wear camouflaged uniforms, yet you will find them in the conflict zone.

These are the men & women who unfailingly support their communities in the darkest hours of a vicious & brutal conflict;

These are the men & women who rescue trapped civilians, fight fires in a conflict zone; often putting themselves in great danger;

These are the teams who with calmness & dedication defuse unexploded ordnance right across a shattered land;

These are the teams that evacuate civilians to safer zones from areas under artillery or missiles attack; 

These are the men & women who literally pick up the pieces of a ruined community & endeavour to give civilians the essential amenities to sustain some sort of life;

These are the teams that assist in repairing heavily damaged infrastructure;

They are there on hand,day in & day out, 24 hours, every week, monthly since last late springtime.

Of course, these were the people that had the gruesome task  to recover the bodies of MH17 back in July.

You probably don’t realize the hardship that they have to accept being on the front line.

 Ministry of Emergency Situations (МЧС) in #Donetsk & in #Lugansk

In other parts of the world, they would be either part of the fire fighting services or under the banner of civil protection, (or both). They are unsung heroes in times of disaster or emergency, but to do this work in the midst of a war, is a testament to a courage & dedication beyond words.

DONETSK Preparing for 9th May parade - brief limelight

Donetsk MES


The DPR continues to evacuate people from endangered areas, Basurin said.
"Approximately 30 residents were evacuated from Lohvynove yesterday. Rescuers from our Emergency Situations Ministry moved them inland," he said.


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