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mercredi 11 mars 2015

Blog Snapshot on SMM report on Minsk

Snapshot on SMM report on Minsk 

 Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM)
The SMM monitored the implementation of the “Package of measures for the Implementation of the Minsk agreements”.

5th March - 9th March 2015 timeline

UAF movement & convoys


Heatmap visual of UAF reports

Summary Info from SMM reports

Notes:  It was a difficult task to ascertain the information in a succint manner due to a mismatch of geographical place names, typos & vagueness of location or direction of UAF convoys.  In fact it was impossible to put a date to the convoys, since 2 of reports did not give any date. So I put the date of the SMM report as the date for the convoys, however this isn't a real valid date for the actual movement of some of the convoys.

On a number of ocassions, little information was actually specified by the SMM as to a direction of a convoy or its final destination - here are some extracts from their report:

" SMM observed a pre-assembled", or "The SMM monitored the convoy as far as a location described by the convoy commander as the end-point."

"The SMM intends to re-visit the location..." 

 "The SMM followed the convoys to separate locations described by the convoy commanders as the end-points."

Just to get an idea of the type of information used from the SMM:

You can search for the type of weapon,(MLRS, grad, supply truck, howitzers, mortars), by using the type search facility on the map below:

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