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vendredi 4 juillet 2014

Blog: Part 3 Les Synthesis of the Ukrainian Crisis [eng]

Les Crises - Synthesis of the crisis in Ukraine

Part 3 a - The Fascist Government;

Far from being a government of national unity, the interim government essentially consists of ministers from the West of Ukraine & Kiev.

 This is the political composition of the government as of the 22nd of Feb:

trsln: Voyous: thugs

On the 27 February, the Government recognized by the West had 6 out of 19 ministers, who belonged or had previoulsy belonged to neo-nazi / fascists organisation, 4 of which were Svoboda.

Cabinet positions:
1/ Oleksandr Sych. vice-Prime minister 
2/ Ihor Tenyukh, Defence minister
3/ Andreï Mokhnyk, ecology minister
4/ Ihor Shvaika, agriculture minister
5/ Serhiy Kvit. Education & Science minister
6/ Dmitri Boulatov, Sports & Youth minister

Other high-ranking governmental positions:

Andrei Parubiy: Secretarty of the National Security & Defence Council;
Oleg Makhnitsky: State Prosecutor General;
Tatiana Chornovol: Head of the anti-corruption office
Egor Sobolev: in charge of the  Lustration Office;

 Of course, they don't have all of the key positions. For example, the Interior Ministry went to the oligarch Arsen Avakov (with a 400 million $ in fortune), who  had been placed on the international list of persons sought by Interpol; he fled to Italy in 2012...

On a final note, the Motherland Party has 6 Ministers: the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Social Affairs, Minister of internal affairs, Infrastructure Minister and a Minister without portfolio.

  This Government quickly appointed oligarchs as governors of regions: 

 Igor Kolomoïski in Dnepropetrovsk (owner of the "Privat" group that includes more than one hundred companies);  

Sergei Tarouta in Donetsk (main shareholder of the ISD metallurgical group founded with Vitali Gaidouk - Deputy Governor of the Donetsk region at the time where Yanukovych headed the region)

Vladimir Nemirovski - sponsor of Arseny Yatsenyuk - in Odessa.

Following various defections late February, the Parliament (Rada) (elected in 2012) shifted, and the new majority is thus composed:

 A reminder that the Ukraine is based on a parliamentary system, where the powers of the President are limited.

Finally, this interim rebel Government simply decided to sign the association agreement with the EU on March 21, 2014 - (only partially), without asking the opinions of the Ukrainians, without worrying about the consequences to the East of the country. The EU decided on that occasion to unilaterally open its borders to Ukrainian products... In short, 'Europe' is running!

Van Rompuy holding the "Bible"?

Part 3b- The Svoboda neonazi party 

The Svoboda ("freedom") party - one of the two parties part of the interim Government -  it only  carries  this name since it's attempt in gaining respectability in  2004. Until that date (and since its inception in 1991) it's name was the National Social Party of Ukraine (SNPU) - obviously copied  from the name of  the nazi party NSDAP.

The emblem of the SNPU was the rod (or "Wolf Rune"),  a classic symbol for neo-nazis. The Wolf Rune was the emblem of the Panzer Division SS Das-Reich - which has razed the village of Oradour-sur-Glane and exterminated its population on June 10, 1944.
  il abandonne son emblème du WolfsAngel, pour celui d’une main rappelant le Trident – symbole de l’Ukraine mais aussi des néo-nazis…
 In July 2004, the leader of Svoboda Oleh Tyahnybok spoke these words at the tomb of a nationalist UPA Commander: [SOURCE]

 "The enemy came and took their Ukraine [UPA]. But they [the UPA fighters] were not afraid. Similarly, we should not be afraid. They took their guns on their shoulders & went into the woods. They were ready to act and fought against the dirty Russians, Germans, Jews and other garbage that wanted to retake our Ukrainian State! And we must make Ukraine-Ukrainian! And therefore, our task for each of you - the young, the old, gray haired - is that we must defend our motherland! Ukraine must be ultimately rendered the Ukrainians. You, young men and you, gray haired, are the perfect combination, one that the mafia judeo-moscovite who heads Ukraine fears the most."
On November 23, 2009, the french National Front signed a cooperation agreement with Svoboda; Jean-Marie Le Pen announced the "collaboration" of  the parties, because they obviously  had "much in common, with common ideals. The Chairman of Svoboda said: "we have a common goal:  to build a Europe of free Nations. Svoboda is part of, as an observer of the European Alliance of national Movements, founded by Bruno Gollnisch. It is also part of the European National Front, which includes Golden Dawn NDP, etc. 
 Le Pen et Tyagnibok
But Svoboda ended up being rejected by these organisations due to its extremist views.
In 2012, Svoboda formed an alliance with the "Motherland" party headed by Julia Tymochenko and run by the current leadersof Ukraine.

In the 2012 election, Svoboda obtained more than 10% of the votes, in reality, between 1% & 40% depending on the regions.

score Svoboda 2012

This allowed the Deputies (of the Rada) to take up their new Parliamentary functions & tackle them:
 Tyahnybok prend son métier de parlementaire à bras-le-corps avec son nouveau groupe parlementaire, surtout avec les députés communistes.Tyahnybok prend son métier de parlementaire à bras-le-corps avec son nouveau groupe parlementaire, surtout avec les députés communistes.
 On 13 Decembre 2012, the European Parliament voted a resolution condeming Svoboda:

8.  Is concerned about the rising nationalistic sentiment in Ukraine, expressed in support for the Svoboda Party, which, as a result, is one of the two new parties to enter the Verkhovna Rada; recalls that racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic views go against the EU’s fundamental values and principles and therefore appeals to pro-democratic parties in the Verkhovna Rada not to associate with, endorse or form coalitions with this party; 
 3.  Stresses that the fact that two leaders of the opposition, Yulia Tymoshenko and Yuri Lutsenko, and others were held in jail during the elections adversely affected the electoral process;

13.  Calls on Ukraine to end the selective application of justice in Ukraine at all levels of government and to make it possible for opposition parties to participate in political life on the basis of a level playing field; calls on the authorities, in this context, to free and rehabilitate politically persecuted opponents, including Yulia Tymoshenko, Yuri Lutsenko and others;

In 2012, Yaakov Bleich, Chief Rabbi of the Ukraine, said: «Svoboda is an Enigma in many ways, it is a nationalist party with anti-Semitic elements in him» Vyacheslav A. Likhachev, expert for the EurasianJewish Congress, said that "this party has a very anti-Semitic core at the heart of its ideology", that "its leaders are known to hold speeches which are openly racist and anti-Semitic" and that it leads to "symbolic legitimation of neo-nazis and anti-Semitic ideology in the eyes of society." Finally Shimon Samuels, Director of international relations of the Simon Wiesenthal Center said that "Svoboda is composed of the same elements as the Ukrainian auxiliaries of the Nazis who committed massacres of Jews, Russians and Polish mass." "Source: JERUSALEM POST"

Moreover,  the Simon Wiesenthal Center also included it in its 2012 Top Ten world's anti-Semites (with the Egyptians, the Iranian mullahs, Muslim Brotherhood, etc.)-about its statements to "purge the Ukraine's 400,000 Jews and other minorities":

In May 2013, the World Jewish Congress called for the banning of the "neonazi party Svoboda"


In July 2013, 25% of members of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament, 120 deputies) had even put pen to paper to alert the President of the European Parliament on "the neo-nazi party Svoboda.


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