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vendredi 25 juillet 2014

Blog: MH 17 & missiles Info [eng]

 Note to article:

It is probably best to reserve judgment until all the publicly results from the investigation are released.  There is a big IF to all of this as there will be some data that will never released to the general public as the sources will be highly classified. Other information presented to the investigation may be changed, distorted or elements hidden.

The actual wreckage of the aircraft, in particular the front, will reveal the origin of the downing.  Ballistics & chemical analyses will strong evidence of what happened.  This brings us to the main point being discussed at length in all 4 corners of the globe, as who downed MH 17?

There is a lot of information circulating on the net. As with any type of OPEN source information, it is unsubstantiated by government authorities. Russia & the US have both provided information too.   

Update: 28 July 

More videos have surfaced on the Internet with the truck and a Buk TELAR on a trailer.  Once more certain pieces of infos are misleading. 


Lieutenant-General Andrey Kartopolov speaking at a media conference in Moscow on Monday 23rd July, stated that “A Ukraine Air Force military jet was detected gaining height, its distance from the Malaysian Boeing was 3 to 5km.  He did not elaborate further as how they knew that it was a military nor the fact that it was ascending. He did mention that the presence was logged by the Rostov monitoring center & some video shots of the radar images were shown. 

The Russian military also claimed that video footage of only a BUK TELAR launcher was taken in Krasnoarmeysk which is under Ukrainian control since 11th May. They merely repeated the claims made on the internet, and it seems that they did fully check the location of the video footage.  The video still was shown at the briefing as there are various accounts of Buk launchers moving towards Russia, or in Russia itself.  One of these accounts is the video in question.

It can be clearly seen from geographical images, that the location is indeed in Lugansk.  Although this cannot be 100% confirmed, the evidence points to the junction of Korolenka St and Nechuya Levyks’koho St.  There is no date stamp or other evidence of the time when the video was taken, but it strongly seems to be dawn.  You can see that it is on hill and there is a wide road with probable wires for lights. The advertising hoarding is on the right of the main road. (Video: Geolocation:,39.2651895,659m/data=!3m1!1e3

Another issue raised in relation to this particular is the fact it was released by the Ukrainian Minister of Interior, who initially claimed it was taken in Krasnodon.  Later he corrects himself in a comment to Lugansk.  Was this an oversight or just dud information? (

Here is the sun calculator for 18th July, 4:50 am approx:

The Head of the SBU, Vitaliy Nayda, claimed in a press conference on the 19th July, that there were 3 BUK systems in the hands of the pro-Donbas militia. The photo released only shows one vehicle, the TELAR unit. There are no photos of the command or the radar vehicles, which logically also should form part of the battery.  The SBU claims that the location was in Torez. (

The second image that has been geolocated is the one at Torez, at a road junction.   Once more there is no verified date stamp, however the time can just before noon, on a clear sunny day.
(sun calculator app).  The location is Gagarin St, next to a petrol station & a shop called “Stroydom”, which appears to confirms the location.

The reference image that used to cross reference is taken from 1:01min from a video in 2012. (

Significantly, this puts a BUK TELAR unit in Torez, an area controlled by the pro-Donbass NAF; it also puts the unit in range of the crash site of MH 17.  More significantly, this image reveals that the trailer & trucker appear to be the same, since there is a blue stenciling line on the side of the white cab. At the rear of the trailer are reddish loading ramps.  On the side of the trailer, there is a yellow board of some kind.

These 2 images have geolocated, through internet " crowdsourcing" efforts.   Other images released by the SBU also have been scrutinised and cannot be verified as being part of same set of images in Torez & Lugansk.  Indeed they strongly appear to be some of kind of hoax.  This muddles the whole affair even more.

On June 29 the Donbas militia took over a base in Donetsk, which was the air defense base.  According to some internet sites, they have gained access to a missile system. The issue here was it in operational condition or not.   The Ukrainian Prosecutor General in Kiev,  Vitaliy Yarema stated that it wasn’t operational as the system was disabled in March.  The rest of the 156th Anti-Aircraft Regiment had left their barracks on April 15th. (

What is indeed odd is that after the downing of MH 17, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General spoke to an Ukranian newspaper, "Ukrainskaya Pravda" and stated that the pro- Donbas fighters had not seized Buks or S-300 missiles. (  This really starts to muddle the whole affair even more, especially, taking into consideration the medley of ad hoc images released by the SBU. 

The SBU also showed another video still of a TELAR vehicle, this time at night, as reported on the site, Euromaidenpress, clearly marked with the latin numeral “312”.  The problem with this is that there video footage taken in March, of the same unit in Kiev government controlled territory, to the north of Donetsk, in Soledar. (  So how is it possible for a government missile launcher in March to suddenly become a militia / Russian launcher in July?  Here we have the SBU supposedly producing photos of one of its own launchers, claiming that they are in fact Russian.  The original night shot of TELAR unit 312 was uploaded on Facebook, by  pro-Maidan deputy Egor Firsov.

The SBU chief even showed a photograph that purportedly shows a missile trail, in clear blue skies. (  One snag is that all of the subsequence videos of the aftermath of the crash show a clearly cloudy day. The “photo has been published taken during the launch of a rocket in the vicinity of Torez near the settlement of Snizhne which shows a vapor trail…” Contrast this place with the so called location of the Cossacks in the SBU audio file, Chernukhino. 

Satellite photos for Europe on the 17th of July clearly show cloud cover. (  As the crow flies, Chernukhino is just over 70km from Snezhnoe, where Kiev says a missile was launched.

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