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mardi 29 juillet 2014

Blog - snippets re Buk &MH 17 [eng]

Quote of the day:

 Neil Clark ‏@NeilClark66 4 hrs I'm confused. Why is it 'Putin's missile' (w/o evidence) for #MH17,but not 'Obama's missile' when civilians killed by US weaponry in #Gaza?  

Article of the day:

 Image of Kiev Buks … … Ukrainian news show footage of BUK system in ATO zone prior #MH17 catastrophe. Here is a video still. Please take note that the date of this video is the 16th of July and the footing is filmed in the ATO area, Donbass when fighting is taking place.  

Another BUK from an Ukrainian conscript, undated. The Daily Mail, defying all logic decided to rebrand this young soldier as a terrorist, for the sole pupose of keeping up the image of the bad guys.
Sergey Paschenko posted this image on his Vkontakte page & got into a lot of bother from pro-Kiev users who labelled him a Russian terrorist.  Evidently that makes it ok for the Daily Mail to twist the story through 180 degrees.

Background info  

timeline of évents from both sides (in German) Fake computer generated video of missile being fired.

 A video is circulating on the internet purportedly showing the firing of a missile, linked to the downing of MH17. It suggests that it is infra-red imagery from METEOSAT 8. METEOSAT stated: "We are aware of some video circulating regarding #MH17 with a title referencing 'Meteosat'. It's not ours" The video was created from scenery in DCS “Flaming Cliff 2”, set in Georgia. Definitely some kind of prank. Meteosat images are stills taken every 15 minutes.  Yet the Ukrainian press has been taken in by this as being US evidence for Russian rockets fired into Ukraine.  Astonishingly this article has managed to blend this in with the US satellite images.  Another case of info distortion, 180 degree media pirouette.

Personally, I find the whole thing to be grossly warped, since its avoids having to mention or  show the true consequences of such attacks, especially, unguided Grad missiles fired by Kiev forces into dense civilian urban areas.  The civilian casualties since the start of July is now running into the hundreds. 

 Images of MH 17 hull debris

(by section)  

Blog piece 

 Let’s start with this twitter from the once reputable magazine:
The Economist ‏@TheEconomist Jul 28 “The separatists pulled the trigger, but Mr Putin pulled the strings”
On Kiev’s side, the US is equally pulling a lot of strings too, although you won’t find this in any of the Euro-Atlantic MSM. The US has state of the art spy system, apparently you can read a newspaper or as stated by Robert Parry “imagery showed what looked like beer bottles scattered around the site”. Yet when the US presents evidence related to Russia, it is in the 3rd division class of imagery, on a par with WW2 recon imagery. This is in itself baffling & disturbing, on 2 counts:

1. It is an attempt at passing off second rated information to the gullible public through the MSM.

2. Shows a huge lack of respect for the victims of MH17 as it is not hard evidence pointing to any likely culprit.

Yet they have the capacity to do so.

US Sat images

  Once more the US Embassy in Kiev acts a conduit for the release of US evidence for Russian aggression. Several satellite photos were released on social media by the US Ambassador, Mr Pyatt. It can be assumed that the CIA team in Kiev sitting in the SBU building is providing some guidance and intel on all of this. In one image, we can clearly see a line of vehicles in a field, neatly aligned, quite large in size, with a prominent cab unit. Moreover you can also the neat lines of the grain crop field, more interestingly is the fact that these vehicles are in the crop lines. It is quite possible the US have given the world a nice of the Russian harvesting their crops. In another shot, we are shown pinpricks of crater holes & damage done. Also we can see the unit that supposedly did it. In fact it all takes place within the borders of Ukraine, when you look at the actual direction of N marker. What was the purpose of this image is unknown apart from showing some more destruction, (apparently).  

More comments & analysis:

Detailed feedback on the content:  . As someone who has worked with images & maps professionally, I agree entirely with the comments made.  No coordinates, no scale. 3/ 10 for effort & professional attitude.  All of the images provide a haphazard & disjointed picture of what may have happened in a particular place ( not specified) on some specified dates in July.

The Buk launcher Unit

  Claims that a BUK launcher trucked out of Donbass is still making the rounds of the internet and no doubt that the US is making the most of this kind of “intel”. In fact, the world is still waiting to see the hard evidence from the US on the SA 11 missile, allegedly provided by Russia. The latest so called “proof” comes from no other than Paris Match, a French gossip type magazine. The photo is supposedly taken through a car windscreen, it is of poor quality and hazy. It appears to have a 4 number ID number on the side, starting with 4. The military unit sitting on the trailer appears to be a ghost in comparison with the cab. There is neither camouflage netting nor missiles on the top.

The article says the journalist took the photo in Snizhne in the morning, also confirmed by a Twitter message by the journalist. There are no trolley bus services in Snizhne. Wrong place AGAIN. The phone number of the truck is visible on the side. It is like a blinking light, as it draws more attention to this than really needed, unless the people involved were careless or brazen. Remember, if Kiev had a hand in the imagery, it wouldn’t surprise me if it is a fake. The SBU has tried to wrong foot the world several times, before shooting themselves in the foot. New York Times back in April published a photo scoop of so called damming evidence of Russian troops, only for the images to be proven beyond a doubt a fake. Then we have the audio tapes of rebels discussing MH 17, which has been analysed to be a montage of several different conversations. This was the SBU once more and don’t forget that the SBU in its initial claims included footing of a BUK launcher, clearly with ID, with people around it wearing winter clothing, (the photo was taken in March). Indeed it was one of their own based in the ATO. Oversight, stupidity or trying to pull a fast one on clueless members of public, you choose.

Bearing all of this in mind, dealing with any image, and video emitting from Kiev needs a very large pinch of salt. It looks like the internet imagery is part of releasing data “by numbers” approach. First we get the Buk, the truck, now we get the truck company, what next?

There is a very short video clip of a launcher, travelling along a road. According to the distributor of the image, the location of the video is 48.016970, 38.3011823 and was taken at 11:40 on the 17.07.14 in Zuhres on the H21 road towards Torez. The road is Karla Marksa. You Tube states that it was uploaded on the 23rd of July. I’m not if it is coincidence that the 23rd is also the day the Paris Match image was revealed. Your guesss as to why the delay in releasing these is good as mine.

Judging by the flurry of twitter messages on this link, they believe that the BUK launcher was in Donetsk. The first address is in central Donetsk, at the intersection of Shakhtobudivnykiv Blvd & Illicha st. Is there a military base there? Otherwise it does not make sense to have a BUK launcher, all ready to go in the middle of a city. By the way, check out the dates of the twitter messages, the 23rd of July again.

Lastly, the above mentioned website has some pictures of the geolocation of the Paris Match photo. Just a thought, are those hoarding boards common to Donetsk?

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