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mardi 11 novembre 2014

Video: Former NATO General Kujat: I don't believe in evidence of Russian invasion

General Kujat doesn't buy it.  Here's what he said:

  • It's lot of speculation. Proof of Russia's involvement with regular force has not come to my attention so far.
  • For
    example, the announcement of the Ukrainian President that 23 Russian
    armed vehicles have been destroyed on Ukrainian soil.  There are no
    photos of surviving Russian soldiers nor of killed Russian soldiers.
  • We
    have been shown five satellite pictures as a proof that Russian Forces
    are in the Ukraine. Three of them were marked officially as "on Russian
    territory". Two of them are marked as "on Ukraine territory". The
    Russian pictures are marked with the exact location, while the Ukrainian
    ones have no mention of location and coordinates.
  • We have to be very careful about what the Ukraine and the West says.

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