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samedi 15 novembre 2014

Blogpost: 2 faces of Kiev - the hidden bloody show continues video (eng + fr)

This video shows the side of Ukraine's government that the MSN press 'circus' conviently forgets to write, talk or speak about.  All nicely swept under the US administration's carpet, ably & willingly assisted by NATO's & EU.*

The Ukrainian Kiev president, Poroshenko gave a talk in which he readily voiced his "aggressive" attitude towards the people of Lugansk & Donetsk.  So there is no want or wish for a peaceful resolution of the conflict;  far from it. He is also promising things for only part of Ukraine, things that his government can't guarantee because of the economic hole that there are in.

The Ukrainian government, has stopped paying retirement benefits for a while since summer to Ukrainian retirees residing on 'rebel' areas.

The Ukrainian government continues to shell civilian areas & buildings such as hospitals & schools. A recent case in point  is School 63 with 2 youths dead while playing football -   Compare this with the events in Sarajevo during the Bosnia conflict, which was never out of the MSN press.

Clearly, Kiev's intention is make everyone in the east suffer terribly for daring to stand up against the Maidan coup & junta in February. It is part of a slow attempt at genocide of  ethnic Russian speakers, taking place under our noses. So you see, "Ukrainian territorial integrity, the beloved mantra of the EU, US & NATO, has a bloody price tag.

The latest confirmation of this at the highest level from Kiev appears to be this video: VIDEO - Poroshenko: "Their children will hole up in the basements - this is how we win the war!" [ENG SUBS] 

"We will have jobs, they won't!

We will have pensions, they won't!

We will have benefits for retirees and children, they won't!

Our kids will go to schools and daycares, their kids will sit in the basements!

They can't do anything about it...

And only this is how we will win this war! "

*and the flip side is here: USA: "US not aware of Ukraine army violations" - Psaki

Someone has probably forgotten to send her this example of the Ukrainian military evidence of their 'handiwork':

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