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mardi 29 juillet 2014

Blog - image Weapons in Donbas [eng]

Blog - snippets re Buk &MH 17 [eng]

Quote of the day:

 Neil Clark ‏@NeilClark66 4 hrs I'm confused. Why is it 'Putin's missile' (w/o evidence) for #MH17,but not 'Obama's missile' when civilians killed by US weaponry in #Gaza?  

Article of the day:

 Image of Kiev Buks … … Ukrainian news show footage of BUK system in ATO zone prior #MH17 catastrophe. Here is a video still. Please take note that the date of this video is the 16th of July and the footing is filmed in the ATO area, Donbass when fighting is taking place.  

Another BUK from an Ukrainian conscript, undated. The Daily Mail, defying all logic decided to rebrand this young soldier as a terrorist, for the sole pupose of keeping up the image of the bad guys.
Sergey Paschenko posted this image on his Vkontakte page & got into a lot of bother from pro-Kiev users who labelled him a Russian terrorist.  Evidently that makes it ok for the Daily Mail to twist the story through 180 degrees.

Background info  

timeline of évents from both sides (in German) Fake computer generated video of missile being fired.

 A video is circulating on the internet purportedly showing the firing of a missile, linked to the downing of MH17. It suggests that it is infra-red imagery from METEOSAT 8. METEOSAT stated: "We are aware of some video circulating regarding #MH17 with a title referencing 'Meteosat'. It's not ours" The video was created from scenery in DCS “Flaming Cliff 2”, set in Georgia. Definitely some kind of prank. Meteosat images are stills taken every 15 minutes.  Yet the Ukrainian press has been taken in by this as being US evidence for Russian rockets fired into Ukraine.  Astonishingly this article has managed to blend this in with the US satellite images.  Another case of info distortion, 180 degree media pirouette.

Personally, I find the whole thing to be grossly warped, since its avoids having to mention or  show the true consequences of such attacks, especially, unguided Grad missiles fired by Kiev forces into dense civilian urban areas.  The civilian casualties since the start of July is now running into the hundreds. 

 Images of MH 17 hull debris

(by section)  

Blog piece 

 Let’s start with this twitter from the once reputable magazine:
The Economist ‏@TheEconomist Jul 28 “The separatists pulled the trigger, but Mr Putin pulled the strings”
On Kiev’s side, the US is equally pulling a lot of strings too, although you won’t find this in any of the Euro-Atlantic MSM. The US has state of the art spy system, apparently you can read a newspaper or as stated by Robert Parry “imagery showed what looked like beer bottles scattered around the site”. Yet when the US presents evidence related to Russia, it is in the 3rd division class of imagery, on a par with WW2 recon imagery. This is in itself baffling & disturbing, on 2 counts:

1. It is an attempt at passing off second rated information to the gullible public through the MSM.

2. Shows a huge lack of respect for the victims of MH17 as it is not hard evidence pointing to any likely culprit.

Yet they have the capacity to do so.

US Sat images

  Once more the US Embassy in Kiev acts a conduit for the release of US evidence for Russian aggression. Several satellite photos were released on social media by the US Ambassador, Mr Pyatt. It can be assumed that the CIA team in Kiev sitting in the SBU building is providing some guidance and intel on all of this. In one image, we can clearly see a line of vehicles in a field, neatly aligned, quite large in size, with a prominent cab unit. Moreover you can also the neat lines of the grain crop field, more interestingly is the fact that these vehicles are in the crop lines. It is quite possible the US have given the world a nice of the Russian harvesting their crops. In another shot, we are shown pinpricks of crater holes & damage done. Also we can see the unit that supposedly did it. In fact it all takes place within the borders of Ukraine, when you look at the actual direction of N marker. What was the purpose of this image is unknown apart from showing some more destruction, (apparently).  

More comments & analysis:

Detailed feedback on the content:  . As someone who has worked with images & maps professionally, I agree entirely with the comments made.  No coordinates, no scale. 3/ 10 for effort & professional attitude.  All of the images provide a haphazard & disjointed picture of what may have happened in a particular place ( not specified) on some specified dates in July.

The Buk launcher Unit

  Claims that a BUK launcher trucked out of Donbass is still making the rounds of the internet and no doubt that the US is making the most of this kind of “intel”. In fact, the world is still waiting to see the hard evidence from the US on the SA 11 missile, allegedly provided by Russia. The latest so called “proof” comes from no other than Paris Match, a French gossip type magazine. The photo is supposedly taken through a car windscreen, it is of poor quality and hazy. It appears to have a 4 number ID number on the side, starting with 4. The military unit sitting on the trailer appears to be a ghost in comparison with the cab. There is neither camouflage netting nor missiles on the top.

The article says the journalist took the photo in Snizhne in the morning, also confirmed by a Twitter message by the journalist. There are no trolley bus services in Snizhne. Wrong place AGAIN. The phone number of the truck is visible on the side. It is like a blinking light, as it draws more attention to this than really needed, unless the people involved were careless or brazen. Remember, if Kiev had a hand in the imagery, it wouldn’t surprise me if it is a fake. The SBU has tried to wrong foot the world several times, before shooting themselves in the foot. New York Times back in April published a photo scoop of so called damming evidence of Russian troops, only for the images to be proven beyond a doubt a fake. Then we have the audio tapes of rebels discussing MH 17, which has been analysed to be a montage of several different conversations. This was the SBU once more and don’t forget that the SBU in its initial claims included footing of a BUK launcher, clearly with ID, with people around it wearing winter clothing, (the photo was taken in March). Indeed it was one of their own based in the ATO. Oversight, stupidity or trying to pull a fast one on clueless members of public, you choose.

Bearing all of this in mind, dealing with any image, and video emitting from Kiev needs a very large pinch of salt. It looks like the internet imagery is part of releasing data “by numbers” approach. First we get the Buk, the truck, now we get the truck company, what next?

There is a very short video clip of a launcher, travelling along a road. According to the distributor of the image, the location of the video is 48.016970, 38.3011823 and was taken at 11:40 on the 17.07.14 in Zuhres on the H21 road towards Torez. The road is Karla Marksa. You Tube states that it was uploaded on the 23rd of July. I’m not if it is coincidence that the 23rd is also the day the Paris Match image was revealed. Your guesss as to why the delay in releasing these is good as mine.

Judging by the flurry of twitter messages on this link, they believe that the BUK launcher was in Donetsk. The first address is in central Donetsk, at the intersection of Shakhtobudivnykiv Blvd & Illicha st. Is there a military base there? Otherwise it does not make sense to have a BUK launcher, all ready to go in the middle of a city. By the way, check out the dates of the twitter messages, the 23rd of July again.

Lastly, the above mentioned website has some pictures of the geolocation of the Paris Match photo. Just a thought, are those hoarding boards common to Donetsk?

vendredi 25 juillet 2014

Blog: MH 17 & missiles Info [eng]

 Note to article:

It is probably best to reserve judgment until all the publicly results from the investigation are released.  There is a big IF to all of this as there will be some data that will never released to the general public as the sources will be highly classified. Other information presented to the investigation may be changed, distorted or elements hidden.

The actual wreckage of the aircraft, in particular the front, will reveal the origin of the downing.  Ballistics & chemical analyses will strong evidence of what happened.  This brings us to the main point being discussed at length in all 4 corners of the globe, as who downed MH 17?

There is a lot of information circulating on the net. As with any type of OPEN source information, it is unsubstantiated by government authorities. Russia & the US have both provided information too.   

Update: 28 July 

More videos have surfaced on the Internet with the truck and a Buk TELAR on a trailer.  Once more certain pieces of infos are misleading. 


Lieutenant-General Andrey Kartopolov speaking at a media conference in Moscow on Monday 23rd July, stated that “A Ukraine Air Force military jet was detected gaining height, its distance from the Malaysian Boeing was 3 to 5km.  He did not elaborate further as how they knew that it was a military nor the fact that it was ascending. He did mention that the presence was logged by the Rostov monitoring center & some video shots of the radar images were shown. 

The Russian military also claimed that video footage of only a BUK TELAR launcher was taken in Krasnoarmeysk which is under Ukrainian control since 11th May. They merely repeated the claims made on the internet, and it seems that they did fully check the location of the video footage.  The video still was shown at the briefing as there are various accounts of Buk launchers moving towards Russia, or in Russia itself.  One of these accounts is the video in question.

It can be clearly seen from geographical images, that the location is indeed in Lugansk.  Although this cannot be 100% confirmed, the evidence points to the junction of Korolenka St and Nechuya Levyks’koho St.  There is no date stamp or other evidence of the time when the video was taken, but it strongly seems to be dawn.  You can see that it is on hill and there is a wide road with probable wires for lights. The advertising hoarding is on the right of the main road. (Video: Geolocation:,39.2651895,659m/data=!3m1!1e3

Another issue raised in relation to this particular is the fact it was released by the Ukrainian Minister of Interior, who initially claimed it was taken in Krasnodon.  Later he corrects himself in a comment to Lugansk.  Was this an oversight or just dud information? (

Here is the sun calculator for 18th July, 4:50 am approx:

The Head of the SBU, Vitaliy Nayda, claimed in a press conference on the 19th July, that there were 3 BUK systems in the hands of the pro-Donbas militia. The photo released only shows one vehicle, the TELAR unit. There are no photos of the command or the radar vehicles, which logically also should form part of the battery.  The SBU claims that the location was in Torez. (

The second image that has been geolocated is the one at Torez, at a road junction.   Once more there is no verified date stamp, however the time can just before noon, on a clear sunny day.
(sun calculator app).  The location is Gagarin St, next to a petrol station & a shop called “Stroydom”, which appears to confirms the location.

The reference image that used to cross reference is taken from 1:01min from a video in 2012. (

Significantly, this puts a BUK TELAR unit in Torez, an area controlled by the pro-Donbass NAF; it also puts the unit in range of the crash site of MH 17.  More significantly, this image reveals that the trailer & trucker appear to be the same, since there is a blue stenciling line on the side of the white cab. At the rear of the trailer are reddish loading ramps.  On the side of the trailer, there is a yellow board of some kind.

These 2 images have geolocated, through internet " crowdsourcing" efforts.   Other images released by the SBU also have been scrutinised and cannot be verified as being part of same set of images in Torez & Lugansk.  Indeed they strongly appear to be some of kind of hoax.  This muddles the whole affair even more.

On June 29 the Donbas militia took over a base in Donetsk, which was the air defense base.  According to some internet sites, they have gained access to a missile system. The issue here was it in operational condition or not.   The Ukrainian Prosecutor General in Kiev,  Vitaliy Yarema stated that it wasn’t operational as the system was disabled in March.  The rest of the 156th Anti-Aircraft Regiment had left their barracks on April 15th. (

What is indeed odd is that after the downing of MH 17, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General spoke to an Ukranian newspaper, "Ukrainskaya Pravda" and stated that the pro- Donbas fighters had not seized Buks or S-300 missiles. (  This really starts to muddle the whole affair even more, especially, taking into consideration the medley of ad hoc images released by the SBU. 

The SBU also showed another video still of a TELAR vehicle, this time at night, as reported on the site, Euromaidenpress, clearly marked with the latin numeral “312”.  The problem with this is that there video footage taken in March, of the same unit in Kiev government controlled territory, to the north of Donetsk, in Soledar. (  So how is it possible for a government missile launcher in March to suddenly become a militia / Russian launcher in July?  Here we have the SBU supposedly producing photos of one of its own launchers, claiming that they are in fact Russian.  The original night shot of TELAR unit 312 was uploaded on Facebook, by  pro-Maidan deputy Egor Firsov.

The SBU chief even showed a photograph that purportedly shows a missile trail, in clear blue skies. (  One snag is that all of the subsequence videos of the aftermath of the crash show a clearly cloudy day. The “photo has been published taken during the launch of a rocket in the vicinity of Torez near the settlement of Snizhne which shows a vapor trail…” Contrast this place with the so called location of the Cossacks in the SBU audio file, Chernukhino. 

Satellite photos for Europe on the 17th of July clearly show cloud cover. (  As the crow flies, Chernukhino is just over 70km from Snezhnoe, where Kiev says a missile was launched.

mardi 15 juillet 2014

Video: Russia and Ukrainian geopolitques [rus eng fr]

Sub-titles are available. Overview of Russia and the geopolitics at play with regards to Ukraine.

BLOG: Demarche against refugees [eng]

A copy of a document purported to be from the then acting defense Minister Mykhailo Koval, has made the rounds of the internet social network.  It is a letter sent a letter on June 20 to the President of Ukraine, Poroshenko, outlining the issue of refugees fleeing from the east of Ukraine.  Essentially, the Kiev Junta (KJ) regime wants to create punitive battalions from refugees from the East for frontline combat duties or active reserve duties.  He outlines 4 categories of refugees, including families, children, men & the elderly.

Category “A”—women and children: to be assigned into the care of educational and training establishments (incl. boarding schools/orphanages.  This it self raises a whole load of questions, as to why there is a need for women to be separated from the rest of the family for example?  What kind of training establishments? Moreover, if we add in comments made by KJ officials with respect to children from the East, we get another aspect that may or may not be noteworthy, as it offers an intriguing assessment of the mindset at work in Kiev.   This seems to be a blunt attempt to forcibly relocate people into new regions, against their will.

A recent statement made by the Ukrainian children’s rights ombudsman, Valeria Lutkovskaya, demanded that the passage of orphans leaving the eastern Ukrainian war zones should be prohibited.   It beggars belief as why she has suddenly taken an interest in some children, orphans, but seemingly blissfully unaware of the ATO military air strikes & shelling of civilian areas, that is often creating new orphans.

Valeria Lutkovskaya‘s comments are almost a repeat from June,  since the ex Ukrainian foreigner minister, Deshchytsia, demanded from the Russian foreign minister, Lavrov that, Russia sends back orphan children taking away areas under bombardments”.

Another cornerstone of this Kiev MOD document, deals with those not wanting to serve in the ATO.  Evaded conscription is subjected to "required filtration activities” according to the Minister.  The document indicates that the Ukrainian Security Service (“SBU”) should be used for” filtering measures”. The specifics of this are not detailed, but we don’t need to dwell on the meaning of this too deeply, since a precedent of sorts has been carried out by the KJ.  There are a number of photos of Kiev forces rounding up men of military age in Slavyansk at the beginning of July.  Their fate is still unknown. A number of rapports circulated on social networks relating to how men between 18-35 years old,  were rounded up in Slavyansk, told to serve in the Ukraine army, threatened with being shot if they didn’t.

The SBU is responsible for the arrest & detention of possibly hundreds of “anti-Maidan” activists, Pro-Donbass individuals. They have known to commit abuses. <a href=</a>.   Borotba activists have been detained by the SBU, as part of a crackdown on left-wing forces that opposed Maidan.  Then to add into this illegal mix, the activities of Right Sector thugs who are operating in Ukraine, known to have kidnapped journalists, and are working directly for the KJ authorities & sometimes in hand with the SBU.

The Ministers states that these proposals “meet the challenge of [personnel] rotation in the units involved in the ATO”; note how he states that service in ATO can be up to 2 months.  There are a number of video & printed testimonies of soldiers who have been in the ATO since the beginning, basically, with little or no military kit, poor food and poor hygienic conditions.  The Defence Minister sees using internal refugees are a useful tool to alleviate these problems.  Moreover, relatives of the military in Lviv region have recently demanded to an end to mobilization and the return of soldiers.  The KJ logic is to replace the Western Ukrainian soldiers with those from the East.

The concept of “filtration” is not new as it has been used by the KJ previously in June. The now former Defence minister, Koval, earlier publicly announced the use of “filtration camps” for those from Donbass.  The Minister briefed journalists that all adult residents of the rebel regions will be placed in the filtration camps, including women. According to him, they will identify those associated with the separatists and those who committed crimes on the territory of Ukraine. 

Refugee status and social guarantees is only to be provided after demobilization.  This is a morally flawed logic from the Kiev Junta, given the rights of international refugees under international law. However, a lot of this whole issue was amply muddled in the 1990s with the designation of Internally Displaced Person, (IDP).  An IDP does not have the same established enshrined rights as someone who has crossed an international border.  However, that does not mean that they do not have any rights. Legally, IDP’s do not fall under international refugee laws.   

Whole family units are envisaged being be split up, but their “constitutional” rights as Ukrainian citizens, theoretically hinge upon the men folk to be sent to the ATO area.  This is from the government put into power after the mayhem of Maidan, and who are wholeheartedly supported & financed by the US and the EU not less.

The cynicism is laid bare in this statement: "this measure will effectively reduce the inflow of refugees and expenditures on their upkeep ".  Set against a background of 86% unemployment now recorded in Kiev for graduates, a 63% average gas price hike,  it is assumed that the KJ is desperately clutching at straws with the economic fallout of the conflict.  Despite this, the costs of putting women & children into “camps”, the elderly into social institutions are not negligible either. The intention & spirit of this doesn’t make sense.    Apart from maybe, cynically, from the fact that those serving in the ATO will probably not see any wages, as has been the case in recent months.  Entire units have simply returned to Kiev to ask for their pay & conditions.

The KJ makes no secret of their open disgust, at times thinly veiled hatred for the refugees, evidently for their failure to halt the “separatists” & potentially their support for them.  This can be seen in the towns of Slayvansk & also Kramatorsk, where people have been asked to denounce the “pro-separatists”. It is in this environment that the refugees are trapped in, with regards to perceived allegiance.  Apparently, the Kiev authorities have even hunted down people who have donated blood.   The various actions & activities taking place can be considered as the bigger picture, “Filtration measures”.  This precisely what scenario these refugees will be subjected to. One of the very last statements is also noteworthy for potentially all of the “wrong moral reasons” as it clearly identifies the KJ’s attitude towards the people in Donbass.

e) allow us to understand the proportion of pro-Ukrainian population in the East without resorting to sociological studies and surveys.

YOU really could read this IN MANY WAYS.  This clearly delineates the position of the Defence Minister, as it implies that he needs only to have concern for those deemed to be “Pro-Ukrainian”.  He not alone in expressing this sentiment, as very recently, Anton Gerashchenko, advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov spoke “"The Ministry of Internal Affairs believes that new laws are necessary which would restrict the rights of these citizens to elect and to be elected. Otherwise we won't be able to create a unified country. If a citizen wants to live in Russia - please: suitcase-station-Russia!”.  This is another demonstration of the attitude of Kiev officials: the Donbass population is considered as second-class citizens, (to put it mildly), due to historical & cultural reasons.

Mr Koval did not define the expression, himself in any meaningful way, but given the whole gist of the document, the circumstances & the make-up of the KJ, it is a very loaded term indeed.  It can be inferred that this definition only covers anyone who is pro-Ukrainian, (Western version), will be happy to serve in the KJ forces in the ATO, since anyone else will be subjected to “filtration measures” by state agencies, notably the SBU.   

Given the vicious hate campaign that has taken place since February directed towards the Russian speakers in Ukraine, I have grave reservations on the use of “pro-Ukrainian”, to exclude significant chunks of the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine, who just by chance happen not to sit so comfortably with the ATO taking place in the East.  

Take just one example of the attitude in Kiev. President Poroshenko used the word "inhumans", ("нелюд"), to describe the resistance in Slavyansk during his speech at the beginning of July. 

NATO,  European Values, Freedom & Democracy seem to be sadly shallow buzz words uttered by the high & mighty when it suits them perfectly.  For Ukrainian citizens, who in March saw the Kiev Junta, visibly backed by neo-Nazis, as a serious & real threat.  Their wishes to be able to use, preserve their language, way of life, and values, stood in complete opposition to the new Ukrainian values being promoted in the capital of Kiev. Now for those who have had to flee their homes & livelihoods, now face further problems as outcasts in their own country.


  1. Complete translation is provided here:

2. Internally displaced person – someone who has left her or his home in fear of persecution, but has not crossed an international border.

UN - Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement.

“They often suffer from violations of their human rights, which initially caused them to flee their homes; they may experience further threats to other rights during the period of displacement; and others during the process of return and re-integration to their home communities”


jeudi 10 juillet 2014

BLOG: Le Monde et cartes Ukraine [fr]


À propos de l’équipe qui a créé ces cartes:

les décodeurs, mode d'emploi

Les décodeurs du vérifient déclarations, assertions et rumeurs en tous genres ; ils mettent l’information en forme et la remettent dans son contexte; ils répondent à vos questions.


Voici la situation tel que Le Monde nous présente par rapport a l’Ukraine.   Ils ratent pas des détailles inconvénient,  pourquoi les séparatistes se sont rebelles contre la “révolution”.  Remarque “la population vote” ah bon et le résultat est ?????

Les numéros sur la carte étaient mis par le bloguer pour des raisons de clarification.

Voyons bien déjà qu’il y a des silhouettes des soldats russes autour de l’Ukraine, sans aucun indication pourquoi et comment ils se trouvent la. 

No. 1 (en rouge) sont des soldats bases dans la Transdniestr, en total 1,500.

No.2 s’agit de la Belarus,apparemment il y a l’armée russe la – NON pas de tout! Cherchez l’erreur la.

No.3 s’agit d’un événement terrible qui se déroulé a Odessa,  le massacre de plus de 48 personnes civiles dans le bâtiment des syndicats ouvriers. Odessa est un point ou les gens russophones se sont rendu compte de la capacité affreuse des groupes pro-putschistes de Kiev. Aucun remarque faite de l’équipe du Monde!


Ici le contexte deviant de plus en plus défaillant car il n'y a rien qui explique la situation en Detaille. L’ouest de l’Ukraine est bien divisé en % de 10. Mais l’est il n'y a que “moins de 50%”, sans aucune detail de la réalité sur le terrain.

Passons à voir la réalité par rapport à 2010 – regardez bien les couleurs, (le bleu et la différence avec la carte d’en haut. C’est évident que les gens qui ont vote pour le président Yanukouvitch ne vont pas voter pour les putschistes.

Districts electoraux dans lesquels le vote a ete empeche par les separatists

Encore une fois, Le Monde ne met pas les détailles sur la carte: car on voit qu’il y a eu des bureaux de vote ouvertes dans la région de Donetsk et Louhansk: pas beaucoup. Bizarrement ça aussi correspond aux régions qui ont apparemment fortement vote pour Yanukouvitch.


Marioupol n’a pas ete repris par l’armée, mais par une unité paramilitaire, lourdement intergre par des néonazis – l'Azov Bataillon. Il y a eu un massacre des civiles et des policiers ce jour-là – le 9 mai. Rien à signaler pour l’équipe de Monde.


Une remarque a propos de la section sur la  “FRONTIÈRE” et couloirs humanitaires, qui n’ont JAMAIS été mise en place par Poroshenko. Oui il a demande mais rien a été fait sur le terrain.  Le Monde a mit un bêtise énorme la.

En plus, des réfugiés sont trouves aussi en Crimée. 

Un point de détaille c’est la ligne rouge entre la Russie et l’Ukraine qui indique la zone de combats, est fausse, même d’après le gouvernement de Kiev. Donc je me demande comment ils ont trouves cette ligne??


Ici Le Monde deviant en plus clair sur le sujet, en parlant du retrait des forces dites “separatists”.

Bref, les décodeurs n’ont pas decode grand-chose mais ils ont bien évité des points assez significatifs.

Les cartes atteignait à peine la surface de ce qui était vraiment nécessaire pour bien comprendre la situation. Ceci est une honte!

vendredi 4 juillet 2014

Blog: who's who in Kiev [eng]

Here are some example of the EU & The U.S. backed ultra-nationalists & fascists in Ukraine.  These individuals either have either played an important part in Maidan and in events leading up to the coup d'etat in February, or hold power in the post -Coup Kiev government.   Also included are some individuals who have stated some interesting things about Russians & Russian speakers.  This gives you a bit of the flavour of what is being stirred up in Ukraine and why there is such violence & hatred.


1. Oleg Lyashko, Rada Deputy - Radical Party

"Interviewing" a separatist, in the trademark  black hooded uniforms that the pro Maidanites seem to enjoy wearing.  He tipifies the behaviour of the strongely ultra-nationalists that are in power in Kiev at the moment.

The committees that he takes part in: LIST , including:

  • Committee on Foreign Affairs
  • Committee for European Integration;

    • Members of the inter-parliamentary relations with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  (& France!!).
     His other "hobby: creating & running his own paramilitary group, the Azov Batallion. More info on this shadowy group is provided in this Sunday Times article.

     Permalien de l'image intégrée

    Moreover, he sits on Ukraine's National Security Council,which itself  is led by a fanatically anti Russian:
    2. Parubiy -  

    Co-founder of what is now known as the Svoboda Party

    This is what he had to say about the 2nd May Odessa massacre.

    3.  Oleg Tyagnibok - FOUNDER of the National Socialist Party of Ukraine, which wa renamned Svoboda.

    In 2012, The EU Parliament voted in a resolution about Svoboda, [See HERE]. So what happens in 2012...

    Yuri  Mihalchishin, (Freedom Party),
    (deputy, Lviv City Council)

    Quoted: . "Need to apply heavy artillery and use additional air support. ...a few MI-24 helicopters will be enough to turn Slovyansk in a lunar landscape"

    This must be done before the end of the week that we normally have been able to vote on election day May 25. Therefore it is necessary to deepen and expand the scope and intensity of ATO, "- he said.[Source:]

    Here is he is with Irina Farion in Parliament:
    Irina Farion and Yuri Mihalchishin

    Irina Farion - Rada Deputy (

    Irina Farion interviewed by the Ukrainian TV in April:
    "We need to be tougher. Excuse me, but I'd simply shoot'em all.  Listen, the enemy (activists in Donetsk etc) is on our land. What are we talking about?

    Earlier in 2010, she lectured primary school kids for having “wrong” Russian-style nicknames.

    'Olenka,' Farion repeated. 'What a beauty! Never be an Alyona. Because if you become Alyona, dear child, you'll have to pack your suitcases and move to Moscow.'

     Ihor Palytsia

    Blog: smoke & mirrors [eng]

    EU elections 2014 - les elections de l'UE 2014

    Absention Rates in EU elections

    Blog: Part 3 Les Synthesis of the Ukrainian Crisis [eng]

    Les Crises - Synthesis of the crisis in Ukraine

    Part 3 a - The Fascist Government;

    Far from being a government of national unity, the interim government essentially consists of ministers from the West of Ukraine & Kiev.

     This is the political composition of the government as of the 22nd of Feb:

    trsln: Voyous: thugs

    On the 27 February, the Government recognized by the West had 6 out of 19 ministers, who belonged or had previoulsy belonged to neo-nazi / fascists organisation, 4 of which were Svoboda.

    Cabinet positions:
    1/ Oleksandr Sych. vice-Prime minister 
    2/ Ihor Tenyukh, Defence minister
    3/ Andreï Mokhnyk, ecology minister
    4/ Ihor Shvaika, agriculture minister
    5/ Serhiy Kvit. Education & Science minister
    6/ Dmitri Boulatov, Sports & Youth minister

    Other high-ranking governmental positions:

    Andrei Parubiy: Secretarty of the National Security & Defence Council;
    Oleg Makhnitsky: State Prosecutor General;
    Tatiana Chornovol: Head of the anti-corruption office
    Egor Sobolev: in charge of the  Lustration Office;

     Of course, they don't have all of the key positions. For example, the Interior Ministry went to the oligarch Arsen Avakov (with a 400 million $ in fortune), who  had been placed on the international list of persons sought by Interpol; he fled to Italy in 2012...

    On a final note, the Motherland Party has 6 Ministers: the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Social Affairs, Minister of internal affairs, Infrastructure Minister and a Minister without portfolio.

      This Government quickly appointed oligarchs as governors of regions: 

     Igor Kolomoïski in Dnepropetrovsk (owner of the "Privat" group that includes more than one hundred companies);  

    Sergei Tarouta in Donetsk (main shareholder of the ISD metallurgical group founded with Vitali Gaidouk - Deputy Governor of the Donetsk region at the time where Yanukovych headed the region)

    Vladimir Nemirovski - sponsor of Arseny Yatsenyuk - in Odessa.

    Following various defections late February, the Parliament (Rada) (elected in 2012) shifted, and the new majority is thus composed:

     A reminder that the Ukraine is based on a parliamentary system, where the powers of the President are limited.

    Finally, this interim rebel Government simply decided to sign the association agreement with the EU on March 21, 2014 - (only partially), without asking the opinions of the Ukrainians, without worrying about the consequences to the East of the country. The EU decided on that occasion to unilaterally open its borders to Ukrainian products... In short, 'Europe' is running!

    Van Rompuy holding the "Bible"?

    Part 3b- The Svoboda neonazi party 

    The Svoboda ("freedom") party - one of the two parties part of the interim Government -  it only  carries  this name since it's attempt in gaining respectability in  2004. Until that date (and since its inception in 1991) it's name was the National Social Party of Ukraine (SNPU) - obviously copied  from the name of  the nazi party NSDAP.

    The emblem of the SNPU was the rod (or "Wolf Rune"),  a classic symbol for neo-nazis. The Wolf Rune was the emblem of the Panzer Division SS Das-Reich - which has razed the village of Oradour-sur-Glane and exterminated its population on June 10, 1944.
      il abandonne son emblème du WolfsAngel, pour celui d’une main rappelant le Trident – symbole de l’Ukraine mais aussi des néo-nazis…
     In July 2004, the leader of Svoboda Oleh Tyahnybok spoke these words at the tomb of a nationalist UPA Commander: [SOURCE]

     "The enemy came and took their Ukraine [UPA]. But they [the UPA fighters] were not afraid. Similarly, we should not be afraid. They took their guns on their shoulders & went into the woods. They were ready to act and fought against the dirty Russians, Germans, Jews and other garbage that wanted to retake our Ukrainian State! And we must make Ukraine-Ukrainian! And therefore, our task for each of you - the young, the old, gray haired - is that we must defend our motherland! Ukraine must be ultimately rendered the Ukrainians. You, young men and you, gray haired, are the perfect combination, one that the mafia judeo-moscovite who heads Ukraine fears the most."
    On November 23, 2009, the french National Front signed a cooperation agreement with Svoboda; Jean-Marie Le Pen announced the "collaboration" of  the parties, because they obviously  had "much in common, with common ideals. The Chairman of Svoboda said: "we have a common goal:  to build a Europe of free Nations. Svoboda is part of, as an observer of the European Alliance of national Movements, founded by Bruno Gollnisch. It is also part of the European National Front, which includes Golden Dawn NDP, etc. 
     Le Pen et Tyagnibok
    But Svoboda ended up being rejected by these organisations due to its extremist views.
    In 2012, Svoboda formed an alliance with the "Motherland" party headed by Julia Tymochenko and run by the current leadersof Ukraine.

    In the 2012 election, Svoboda obtained more than 10% of the votes, in reality, between 1% & 40% depending on the regions.

    score Svoboda 2012

    This allowed the Deputies (of the Rada) to take up their new Parliamentary functions & tackle them:
     Tyahnybok prend son métier de parlementaire à bras-le-corps avec son nouveau groupe parlementaire, surtout avec les députés communistes.Tyahnybok prend son métier de parlementaire à bras-le-corps avec son nouveau groupe parlementaire, surtout avec les députés communistes.
     On 13 Decembre 2012, the European Parliament voted a resolution condeming Svoboda:

    8.  Is concerned about the rising nationalistic sentiment in Ukraine, expressed in support for the Svoboda Party, which, as a result, is one of the two new parties to enter the Verkhovna Rada; recalls that racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic views go against the EU’s fundamental values and principles and therefore appeals to pro-democratic parties in the Verkhovna Rada not to associate with, endorse or form coalitions with this party; 
     3.  Stresses that the fact that two leaders of the opposition, Yulia Tymoshenko and Yuri Lutsenko, and others were held in jail during the elections adversely affected the electoral process;

    13.  Calls on Ukraine to end the selective application of justice in Ukraine at all levels of government and to make it possible for opposition parties to participate in political life on the basis of a level playing field; calls on the authorities, in this context, to free and rehabilitate politically persecuted opponents, including Yulia Tymoshenko, Yuri Lutsenko and others;

    In 2012, Yaakov Bleich, Chief Rabbi of the Ukraine, said: «Svoboda is an Enigma in many ways, it is a nationalist party with anti-Semitic elements in him» Vyacheslav A. Likhachev, expert for the EurasianJewish Congress, said that "this party has a very anti-Semitic core at the heart of its ideology", that "its leaders are known to hold speeches which are openly racist and anti-Semitic" and that it leads to "symbolic legitimation of neo-nazis and anti-Semitic ideology in the eyes of society." Finally Shimon Samuels, Director of international relations of the Simon Wiesenthal Center said that "Svoboda is composed of the same elements as the Ukrainian auxiliaries of the Nazis who committed massacres of Jews, Russians and Polish mass." "Source: JERUSALEM POST"

    Moreover,  the Simon Wiesenthal Center also included it in its 2012 Top Ten world's anti-Semites (with the Egyptians, the Iranian mullahs, Muslim Brotherhood, etc.)-about its statements to "purge the Ukraine's 400,000 Jews and other minorities":

    In May 2013, the World Jewish Congress called for the banning of the "neonazi party Svoboda"

    Source : UKRINFORM

    In July 2013, 25% of members of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament, 120 deputies) had even put pen to paper to alert the President of the European Parliament on "the neo-nazi party Svoboda.