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mardi 7 juillet 2015

Blog - Zhirinovsky on 2006 Ukrainian TV

 A trip down memory lane

1st part of video :

Relations between the West, Russia, Ukraine & the SCO being discussed on a Ukrainian TV programme in 2006. It’s very weird to see the now Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko & his nazi leader Oleh Tyahnybok together listening to an energetic Zhirinovsky... Surreal! Nearly a decade later, it is nevertheless very VERY relevant today to pick up on some of the points made on this TV show.

Zhirinovsky might be seen as a clown in Russian politics, but some of the points that he made were very perceptive. I do not condone or agree necessarily with the whole content, but the points made back in 2006 are astonishingly pertinent in a number of political areas, especially in understanding the geopolitical mindset & the lead up to events in 2014. It is a shame that Zhirinovsky’s bombastic comments about China & Russia & SCO nuclear might & invincibility, hinder what otherwise some valid & thought-provoking points.

 Zhirinovsky didn't mince his words about the possible future of Ukraine & NATO.

Notice at the beginning of the show, Zbigniew Brzezinski refers to Russia as a no-man's land between Europe & China. That should have been a serious warning alert to Russia, but who really paid notice to it then?

2nd part of the video:

2.32 “… it in Brussels, they are going to pack it in a box, your new elite!” 

Fast forward to late 2013, the unboxed elite were at Maidan square once more.

3.42 “Same thing happened on your Maidan, half of them fraudsters & scoundrels

Ditto for Feb 2014 events but substantially worse in format with Oleh Tyahnybok & co leading the way forward.

6.36 comment about Russian Black Sea Fleet,

Oh, the irony since Russia has now Crimea & a Black Sea Fleet that is being overhauled & modernised rapidly.

8.32 comment about future gas dispute btw Russia & Ukraine in 2008, “So you are going to freeze”. >

Ummh, it did happen not in 2008 but in 2009.

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