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lundi 23 juin 2014

Blog: Putin & Milošević [eng]

In the latest rounds of media distortion and manipulation of the masses,  we now find comparisions being made between Putin and Milošević,  as well as Hitler.   Given that the Hitler comparision may seem wild and  hysterical, the Milošević IS equally disturbing for a number of reasons.

Here is one example:

and the reply given:

So the Russian leader is not "playing ball" with NATO, the US and the EU. 

It is disturbing because it is part of a planned process, taking the exact format as that of Yugoslavia and Serbia.  It is being deliberating done at the highest levels of power to condition the masses. It is being done as part of a drip feed brainwashing programme  to separate the West from the East, and likewise to target pro-Russian supporters.

The basis for the scaremongering is a supposed increase in Russian nationalism. Strangely none in the Western media has bothered to notice the huge increase in Ukrainian nationalism,  enacted by Kiev and enforced by mob rule and miltias, all largely set in a fascist/ neonazi context. 

This is not the first time that parallels are being made:

Radio Free Liberty

Here are some extracts:  What's the difference between Vladimir Putin and Slobodan Milosevic? About 22 years.

They are one man with two shadows; one modus operandi separated by a little more than two decades.

In fact, if Milosevic were alive today, he could probably sue Putin for plagiarism.
It is not below the belt propaganda, it is  way way below the belt, in fact, somewhere closer to a sewer.  Nothing is backed up, just a series of emotive statements. 

 Now then there is this from the Huffington post..  BLOOD BROTHERS... wwoww... isn't someone getting carried away here.

Take this example:  The political careers and tactics of Milosevic and Putin are parallel. Neither was democratically elected.

It gets "better":   Milosevic and Putin conjure conspiracies. Milosevic railed against NATO's 1999 military action in Kosovo.

So NATO enlargement is a conspiracy theory according to Mr.Phillips, does that include the potential candidate of Georgia?  So nothing worry Mr Putin, since NATO has never offered the hand of NATO membership to Russia.

Wikipedia - NATO enlargement - dates of membership

Then we have this:

In word and even in deed, Vladimir Putin is acting a lot like Slobodan Milosevic in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It seems to be working for Putin. But then again, for a time it seemed to be working for Milosevic as well.

Of course, Ukrainian media has jumped on the bandwagon a couple of days ago:  Kyiv Post.  With chunks copied from the New Republic text.

The UK's Guardian dicussed the topic as well where the comparisions are more subtle, nevertheless here is an extract to grab your attention:

If Putin opts to be the new Milosevic, the west will be staring a new division of Europe in the face.

I will close this blog with the comments made by M Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister:

"NATO's anti-Russian political rhetoric has surpassed the propaganda of the times of the aggression against Yugoslavia"

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