In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act, George Orwell

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“Le courage c’est de chercher la vérité et de la dire ; c’est de ne pas subir la loi du mensonge triomphant qui passe, et de ne pas faire écho, de notre âme, de notre bouche et de nos mains aux applaudissements imbéciles et aux huées fanatiques ”.” – Djordje Kuzmanovic

vendredi 13 juin 2014

Comment: Debunking session [eng]

We live in interesting times, but according to some, it could get more interesting in the next couple of decades.

What Russia Could Look Like in 2035, if Putin Gets His Wish

Sorry, Europe: It ain't a pretty picture.

 Link to:

Quote:  Laugh if you want. However ludicrous this map might seem now, compared with the way things looked back in 2012, the situation on the ground sure seems to be moving in this direction. Unquote

Except that the website Foreign Policy is now the laughing stock, as it turns out that apparently these maps can be traced to the imagination of an Ukrainian newspaper back in 2013 not some intelligence / spook sitting in Moscow.

Any more background to  these maps and origins gratefully received.

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