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samedi 21 juin 2014

Blog: A sample of Life in Kiev [eng]

1. Bank re-design - Right Sector method in Kiev

 The police WERE CLEARLY FILMED IN VIDEOS just standing around and that some of the youngsters are wearing the black & red armbands, the colour of Right Sector. The video was removed from You tube but here is a screenshot, where they are leaving their calling card:

More photos of Russian banks


A Kiev, just next to Maidan: An argument started by the fact some people were speaking Russian in the middle of Kiev.    Doesn't anyone find it disturbng that hooded men in camouflage room freely in an European cities, just like that. Those black and red shoulder patches again:

Svoboda Thugs Silence MP Petro Symonenko inside Ukraine's Parliament

More info HERE and HERE 


Press lies and the real situation taking place on the ground. SMOKE & MIRRORS.

Well here is an article by the UK's  "The Guardian" playing down the Kiev fascists in March 2014.

Right Sector's deputy leader, Andriy Tarasenko, told the Guardian his organisation didn't want to be involved in post-revolutionary party politics. Rather, he said, it sought to "transform the relationship between people and power". What this meant was a little unclear. He also wanted Kiev's new interim government to introduce a law that would allow his members to carry arms. "In Switzerland, everyone has the right to carry a gun," he said. Is Right Sector fascist? "Putin is the fascist. He's the occupier," he replied.
 More recently, Yanukovych's Russification policies set off a counter-reaction and bumped up the popularity of Svoboda ("Freedom") – a radical Ukrainian nationalist party that enjoys support in the west of the country, particularly in Galicia, and polled over 10% in the 2012 elections – winning 38 seats in the 450-strong parliament. Led by Oleh Tyahnybok, Svoboda is now part of Ukraine's government, holding four cabinet positions, including deputy prime minister.
 The party's neofascist past is clear. Founded in 1991 as an anti-Communist movement, Svoboda was previously called the Socio-National Party of Ukraine – a nod to national socialism. Its symbol was Nazi too: a swastika-like Wolfsangel. Tyahnybok dumped the Hitler paraphernalia when he renamed the party Svoboda in 2004, on becoming leader. The same year, however, he was ejected from the mainstream Our Ukraine faction after referring to the "Muscovite-Jewish mafia".
 Now let's fast forward to June 2014, again at Maidan, back to the bar dispute:

There's your Wolfsangel as used by Svoboda supporters again:

The video link is at the bottom of the picture.   It consists of a group of hooded men in camouflage airing their grievances in Kiev, Maidan is in the background.  You will notice that one has the black and red emblem on his shoulder, (that's the Right Sector flag).  Tough looking guys, ideally located in the heart of Kiev, showing off their bravado.  Wonder why they haven't volunteered to fight the nasty " terrorists" in the East.

Not unlike these guys at Maidan back in December 2013:


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