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dimanche 8 juin 2014

Blog: comments on EU NATO & US - Ukraine pt 1 [eng]

From RT

1. US pledges additional $48 million aid to Ukraine

The US has announced an additional $48 million “to help the Ukrainian Government conduct key reforms, build law enforcement capacity, and strengthen national unity,” the White House said on its website. The recent assistance, which is still pending consultation with US Congress, will bring the total amount of financial aid to Ukraine by the US to over $184 million this year.
 The US has pledged an additional $48 million fund for Ukraine to strengthen its state border guards service and “enhance national unity particularly in the East and South.” Earlier, President Obama offered Kiev $5 million in “non-lethal” military aid.
 The recently announced US $48 million aid is tailored to “assist” Ukraine “with constitutional reforms, decentralization, and confidence-building measures that enhance national unity*, particularly in the East and South.”
Ed NOTE:  * Confidence-building implies artillery and air-launched rocket attacks, assassinations, murders and kidnappings of people.

And this from the people who for example no doubt inspired confidence building:

.. nothing quite like having a gun at Maidan during the protests. [Ex-Ukrainian Prime Minister (Sergei Pashinsky) Under Timoshenko].

By “economic development” the White House means “efforts to carry out the reforms needed to make its IMF and World Bank programs” as well as “diversify” its trade.
Ed Note: I wonder if this is the same IMF that includes some rather interesting & strange conditions?

The International Monetary Fund warned that if Ukraine lost territory in the east it would have to redesign a $17 billion bailout of the country, probably requiring additional financing.

Notice how this detail slips the mind of the writer of this article:

Ah... The IMF is threatening the Kiev government to do something about regaining its territory otherwise no money in the bank.

2. NATO looking forward to work with Ukraine’s new president, supports reforms – Rasmussen

NATO remains committed to supporting Ukraine “in its wide-ranging reforms” within the framework of the NATO-Ukraine Commission," the military alliance’s secretary-general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said as he congratulated Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on his inauguration as the country’s new leader. Rasmussen added that NATO “stands firm” in support for “Ukraine's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity” and that the alliance “looks forward to working with President Poroshenko.”

  Ed Note:

Wait until you see the bio profile of the Ukrainian representative, Andrey Parubiy!!  He was the co-founder of the Svoboda Party in 1991.   He also led the youth wing called "Ukrainian Patriots". 

3. Ukraine should sign association agreement with EU by June 27 – President Poroshenko

Ukraine’s association agreement with the EU has to be signed not later than June 27, the country’s president Petro Poroshenko said, adding that Kiev would sign the deal as soon as Brussels “makes such a decision.” Ukraine refused to accept the EU association agreement in November 2013, provoking mass protests in Kiev and across the country.
 Ed Note:Blimey now that would be quick, [AA including a DCFTA in 2 years].  Pity poor Serbia with its long and drawn out negotiations [SAA - 2008 - 2013].  Double standards anyone? It seems to help in having a nasty conflict / issue with Russians in your country to speed up the whole process. [Georgia - [AA & DCFTA 2013- 14]

Montenegro - [SAA 2007- 10] , Bosnia - [SAA 2008 - ongoing] , Albania - [SAA 2006- 2009] and Macedonia - [SAA 2001 - 2004]...

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